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She's the whole package."

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Kirsten is proud to serve the diverse communities of the 37th Legislative Direct as State Representative. Please connect with her through the State Legislature during the legislative session.

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KHT at the Central Area Senior Center in Seattle

That’s why I decided to run for State Representative. Because I want to go to Olympia to win the things we need: housing, healthcare, and good union jobs. I am deeply committed to building a Washington State that is of, by, and for working people. A state where we take part in one another’s struggles and successes. I believe in organizing. I believe in community power. And I know the only way we’ll get through the COVID-19 crisis is to build more power between working people and use that power to benefit all Washingtonians. 


Going back to “normal” simply isn’t good enough for the undocumented construction workers who don’t have protections on the job, or the warehouse workers who are working to the bone without hazard pay. We need to build a new economy with better worker protections, with stronger unions, and a more equitable shared economy. An economy in which those of us who work for a living are also those who make the decisions - not the people at the top.

That's why I'm running for State Representative in the 37th District. From Seattle to Renton to the Central District and Chinatown, I want to build power for our communities and win real, structural change for our state. 


Kirsten Harris-Talley running for WA State Representative District 37

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Harris-Talley State Representative Campaign Kickoff

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I'm Kirsten Harris-Talley. I have spent over 20 years in our region and statewide building powerful movements for change. From philanthropy, to nonprofit work, reproductive rights, and housing justice. The more I work in our community, the more I see our basic needs not being met. I know our District cannot wait for someone to lead on the things we need like stable housing, equitable education funding, and good jobs.

I’m running for State Rep because our neighbors ask me to. It’s time for meaningful leadership for our District. I will stand up for the things we need in Olympia.


I am a mother, educator, and activist working shoulder to shoulder with community in Seattle and throughout Washington State for over 20 years for racial, gender, and economic justice. The guiding question I always ask myself is: how best can I be of service to our communities?


Answering that question has led me into a lot of meaningful and impactful work over the years. I currently serve as the Executive Director of NARAL Pro-choice Washington. With over 35,000 members statewide, I lead NARAL’s team to take decisive political action on defending abortion, birth control, and reproductive healthcare access. Previously, I served as the Program and Political Director of the Progress Alliance of Washington where I managed their granting portfolio which funded a variety of political organizations dedicated to the advancement of diverse political candidates including women, LGBTQIA, and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. 


But it was clear to me that the solutions to the challenges faced by working people across our communities are often preempted by state level policy. Progressive taxation, universal healthcare, higher wages, transportation funding, education funding, and more are almost exclusively the responsibility of the legislature - not local municipalities. 


The question of how best I can service is a question I again asked myself after my interim term on Seattle City Council in 2017. During my time on Council, our office was integral to reallocating funds to housing services and pursuing progressive revenue to fund critical housing services for Seattle’s most vulnerable residents. I was able to foundationally shift the conversation around progressive revenue reform not only within Seattle, but statewide in addition to delivering real investments in critical service needs for homeless neighbors, communities of color, and other vulnerable Seattle residents.


Kirsten Harris-Talley appointed to Seattle City Council 2017

I want to acknowledge the immense pain and insecurity felt by millions of working Washingtonians right now curing the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a scary time, and it’s likely we will experience unemployment higher than that of the Great Depression. Our collective moment is also a precarious one, but I recognize we have a once in every hundred year opportunity to come out of this crisis with a better world than we had when we went into it. Elected officials need to take care of people and our planet, not profit margins.

State Representative

Legislative District 37, Position 2

I would be honored to earn your support in my campaign to represent the 37th Legislative District in the Washington State House of Representatives. 

Ever forward, 

Kirsten Harris-Talley