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South Seattle Emerald

Announcing Run for State Legislature, Kirsten Harris-Talley Promises Public Policy Mirroring Community Needs 

"It’s important to create a space for when policy solutions come together, where as many of our neighbors as possible can see themselves in that solution."

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International Examiner

Kirsten Harris-Talley wants to bring an activist voice to Olympia in race for District 37 seat


"As a Representative, Harris-Talley pledged to center those most impacted. “This is a district that has been underserved resource-wise, and quite frankly intentionally for a long time,” she said."

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South Seattle Emerald


"Incumbent Sharon Tomiko Santos and Kirsten Harris-Talley were the lead vote-getters in their quest to win Washington State’s 37th Legislative District Positions 1 and 2, respectively, according to early returns Tuesday night."

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Black women could triple their numbers in Washington Legislature

"Harris-Talley, who lives in Seattle's Rainier Valley, said that as a queer Black woman, she is keenly aware of how past economic recoveries have left behind communities of color. To prevent that from happening again, she said state lawmakers working to revive the economy must simultaneously work to combat gentrification, including by investing in affordable housing programs."

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Washington state could elect its first Black woman to Congress this year

"One candidate is Kirsten Harris-Talley, an activist who served briefly on the Seattle City Council in 2017. She sees in the protests themselves the possibility of deep, structural change, which would involve “investing in communities” rather than policing."

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The 51-day City Council member

"Harris-Talley has been a tireless civil rights advocate and activist around town, fighting for criminal justice reform with #NoNewYouthJail and #BlocktheBunker campaigns. The 38-year-old is the program director at local nonprofit Progress Alliance of Washington, which advocates on behalf of marginalized communities in Seattle."

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Seattle Mag

Seattle's Most Influential People 2018: Ones to Watch

"During her 51-day tenure filling in for retiring council member Tim Burgess, who became interim mayor, the civil rights activist proved to be an independent and effective legislator. Among other things, she carved out a budget line item to fund four new homeless-focused city positions."

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Seattle Times

Podcast: An exit interview with Seattle’s 51-day councilmember, Kirsten Harris-Talley

"Kirsten Harris-Talley gives an inside look at what it was like to go from activist to a temporary Seattle City Councilmember during budget talks this fall. 

After years of activism outside City Hall, Kirsten Harris-Talley got an exclusive inside look at how Seattle city government works over the last couple  months."

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Seattle Weekly

Why Kirsten Harris-Talley Makes a Point of Using the Word ‘Houselessness’

“It’s rooted in an understanding that not everyone has a house, but everyone has a home. Whether that home is a box or a tent,” she says. “For me it adds the context that, what we’re talking about is helping folks find a more permanent house.”