Pramila Jayapal

State Senator

Rebecca Saldaña, District 37

"I am excited to endorse Kirsten Harris-Talley for State Representative. Kirsten has shown herself to be the bold leader the 37th LD deserves in the Washington State House throughout her nearly 20 years of community organizing, non-profit leadership, and legislative experience. From her work as an activist to end youth incarceration and her leadership on progressive revenue reform to investing in community safety, I have admired Kirsten’s dedicated service to our community."


"I’m thrilled to endorse our longtime neighbor and trusted community leader Kirsten Harris-Talley for State Representative here in the 37th LD. The 37th LD is the most diverse district in King County and  Kirsten has always unapologetically called out and disrupted anti-blackness wherever it has been present. She has invested time, resources, and energy into anti-racist community policies and never hesitated to stand behind workers and immigrants in our fights for justice. She is a true champion for progressive change."


Seattle City Councilmember

Tammy Morales, District 2

Former King County Councilmember

Larry Gossett, District 2

"I’m proud to endorse my fellow Seattle Public Schools PTA parent, Kirsten Harris-Talley for State Representative Position 2. I know firsthand Kirsten’s dedication to building community power in the South End. She was a true champion on Seattle City Council for progressive taxation, housing justice, and public safety. I know she will continue to champion the policies the 37th Legislative District needs in Olympia."


"I am proud to support my fellow social justice advocate Kirsten Harris-Talley in her campaign for the 37th District State Representative. Kirsten’s experience organizing with our communities, our families, and our elders for housing equity and criminal justice reform have made this district a better place for all. She is a strong and experienced leader, and I trust that she will bring honest and accountable leadership to the position."


The Transit Riders Union is a democratic organization of working and poor people - including students, seniors, and people with disabilities - taking control over our own lives, and building up the power we need to change society for the good of humanity and of the planet. 


The 37th LD Environment and Climate Caucus are climate leaders in our local 37th LD and in our state. 

King County Young Democrats Kaims to stimulate an active interest in governmental affairs and help young voters influence elections. They only endorse candidates who uphold the progressive social and economic policies our county values. 

Kirsten earned the sole endorsement of the 37th LD Democrats of Washington State, the District she is running to represent. 

The Working Families Party of King County  is a progressive grassroots political party building a multiracial movement of working people to transform America. 

The Young Democrats of Washington is the voice of the young Democratic movement across our state. 

Seattle Education Association is the voice and union of Seattle Public School Educators. SEA is proud to solely endorse Kirsten in this race. 

The King County Democrats is the largest County Democratic in the state, and solely endorsed Kirsten.

UAW Local 4121 is the Union at UW for Academic Student Employees (ASEs). UAW4121 are RAs, TAs, Tutors, Graders, some Trainees and Fellows – students the University hires to do instructional or research work. 

Washington Conservation Voters is the voice for progressive, political action for climate justice across Washington State. 



Nikkita Oliver

Nikkita Oliver is a Seattle-based creative, community organizer, abolitionist, educator, and attorney. Working at the intersections of arts, law, education, and community organizing she strives to create experiences which draw us closer to our humanity and invites us to imagine what we hope to see in the future. 


Nikkita is the co-executive director of Creative Justice, an arts-based alternative to incarceration and a healing engaged youth-led community-based program.

Ijeoma Oluo

Ijeoma Oluo is a Seattle-based writer, speaker, and Internet Yeller.  She’s the author of the New York Times Best-Seller So You Want to Talk about Race, published in January by Seal Press. Named one of the The Root’s 100 Most Influential African Americans in 2017, one of the Most Influential People in Seattle by Seattle Magazine, one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Seattle by Seattle Met, and winner of the of the 2018 Feminist Humanist Award by the American Humanist Society.

Community member


Sarah Alper

Julianna Alson

Sarah Anderson

Sophia Anderson

Fabiola Arvizu

Margaret Babayan

Amber Barcel

Cara Bilodeau

Sarah Brady

Marin Burnett

Sheila Capestany

Marcus Carney

Sarah Carson

Rhonda Carter

Cherry Cayabyab

Xandre Chateaubriand

Judy Chen

Alison Cheung

Sedora DeBondt

Joshua Diaz

Antonia Eberhart

Joselynn Engstrom

Suzette Espinoza-Cruz

LaKecia Farmer

Michael J. Fox

Jessie Friedmann

Kayla Gearin

Pauly Giuglianotti

Devin Glaser

Shaun Glaze

Zachary Gore

Hisam Goueli

Dana Gould

Jon Gould

Makeba Greene

Charles Gust

Nicholas Guzman

Esther Handy

Kristin Harwell

Anna Hasche

Alissa Haslam

Shelby Healy

Sophia Hoffacker

Leigh Hofheimer

Katherine Howard

Whitney Howe

Roxie Hunt

Jim Jeffreys

Sara Keats

Sally Ketcham

Nara Kim

Megan Knight

Emily Knudsen

Carla Kotila

Kristen Laine

Nora Landri

Matthew Lang

Mijo Lee

Meaghan Leferink

Hannah Lidman

Jessica Logan

Hope Lopez

Molly Magai

Yvette Maganya

Kimaya Mahajan

Heather Maisen

RobinMc Pherson

Jackie Mena

David Mendoza

Gabe Meyer Magic

Cary Moon

Hannah Morgan

David Moser

Rebecca Muñiz

Christiana Obey Sumner

Spencer Olson

Ijeoma Oluo

Vanna Orecchio

Isaac Organista

Guy Oron

Nicole Palczewski

Hye Eun

Heidi Park

Shannon Perez-Darby

Leslie Potts

Alicia Radford

Adam Rakunas

Jessica Ramirez

Jesse Rawlins

Mark Reddington

Sara Reyerson

Mairead Reynolds

Auburn Scallon

Chris Schumacher

Annika Shore

Christina Smith

Nick Sorosky

Burke Stansbury

Barbara Steele

Katie Stultz

Zane Suarez

Gabriel Teodros

Makda Tesfaye

Maggie Thompson

Karen Toering

Heidi Toppel

Sushen Tu

Karen Uffelman

Joaquin Uy

Julie Van Arcken

Matt Van Biber

Tom Vroman

Rainer Walderman Adkins

Chelsea Waliser

Nathan Wall

Kia Washington

Natalie Wellen

E.N. West

Brooke Williams

Scott Winn

Edmund Witter

Jesiah Wurtz

Tai Yang

Reese Zahl

Oskar Zambrano

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