The 37th LD encompasses the neighborhoods of the Central District, Chinatown-International District, Beacon Hill, Rainier Valley, Columbia City, Rainier Beach, Skyway and Renton. One of the most ethnically and culturally diverse districts, it is no surprise that the issues facing the district are also incredibly intersectional. From housing to transportation, healthcare, education, and childcare, I am committed to ensuring that everyone in our communities has access to what they need. Below are a few key points that I am committed to if elected to be your representative.


Economic Justice & Tax Fairness

Washington has the most regressive tax system in the United States, which results in the preservation of wealth for the top 1% at the expense of all working families. It should not be the case that people who make less than $40k a year paid 10-16% of their income in state taxes, while the wealthiest in our state paid just 2%. Our state legislature has the power to alleviate this inequity and create a fair tax code for all. If elected, I plan to implement a restructuring of our current tax system while pursuing progressive revenue solutions, which looks like:

  • Closing tax loopholes that give advantages to already wealthy corporations over working people and small businesses

  • Passing the Working Families Tax Credit, an act that works to return money to working families.

  • Identifying and ending state level pre-emptions that limit local city and county control over taxation.

  • Strengthening worker rights for secure hours, equitable pay and safe work conditions; including support of union jobs which lift worker benefits for everyone

  • Closing capital gains loopholes to generate millions for public infrastructure including transit, roads, parks, and schools

Climate Justice

We have a responsibility at the state level to ensure we are doing everything we can to combat the climate crisis and the ways it disproportionately affects Indigenous, Black, Brown and low-income communities. Beacon Hill and other South Seattle neighborhoods suffer the highest levels of environmental health risks in the entire state, particularly with regard to air and noise pollution. Indigenous communities-- in this region, specifically, the Puget Sound Salish and Duwamish peoples-- have been on the frontlines pushing for climate justice and we must follow their lead by providing protections for sovereign and public lands. If elected, I commit to:

  • Working towards just transition, which will shift our economy towards one of sustainable production.

  • Expand funding for unionized, green job training, with an emphasis on low-income communities and communities of color.

  • Reinstate transit, roads, and bridges revenue

  • Building public and social housing, as road transportation emissions are responsible for 42% of the region’s total emissions

  • Ensure that the largest polluters of the region, including our major corporations, are held accountable for their emissions while working to drastically reduce them

Housing Justice & Affordability

There is not a county in this state that has enough affordable housing. For places that are unincorporated, such as Skyway, this issue especially needs attention. Housing costs within cities are increasingly unaffordable, causing people to drive longer distances to their workplaces. King County is still in a state of emergency with regard to homelessness. I believe in taking a housing approach that builds affordable housing, stabilizing rent costs, and provides wrap-around care for homeless neighbors as we accelerate their access to safe and sustainable housing. For too long, the issue of housing justice has only been on city and regional radars. We must, on a state level:

  • Invest in affordable housing inventory and green building practice for all state-funded housing projects

  • Expand renter rights to ensure affordability and access to secure and sustainable housing.

  • Implement a progressive and equitable tax structure that will allocate money towards expanding housing, such as real estate speculation taxes.

Reproductive Justice & Healthcare Access

Reproductive Justice means seeing whole people, whole families, and whole communities for a lifetime of healthcare needs. All people deserve access to high-quality reproductive healthcare that is culturally responsive and comprehensive. No matter one’s gender, race, income level, ability, or sexuality; we all deserve bodily autonomy and access to high quality reproductive healthcare. If elected, I will work on advancing reproductive justice with:

  • Comprehensive, science based, healthy relationship and sexual health education in all public school districts

  • Pass solutions on the path toward universal, state-wide childcare

  • Replace funding for lost Federal Title X clinic supports

  • Expand abortion coverage by public and private insurance companies

  • Funding for doula and midwifery services for incarcerated folks

  • Expanding reproductive health care and birthing coverage for undocumented immigrants

Policing Justice & Abolition

When people are in need, first responders can make all the difference. Yet,it is no secret policing disproportionately affects Black, Brown, Indigenous, and low-income communities, and many do not feel safe calling the police when there is an emergency. Our district is impacted by over policing and a need for trust of first responders more than others because of our diversity. Rather than investing in the expansion of policing systems and incarceration, which is born of racial and poverty bias and control, I am committed to my values of investing in community built alternatives that address upstream needs and care. Working with community stakeholders, I will: 

  • Expand funding and local implementation of I-940, to accelerate rollout of community policing practices for local police & sheriff departments

  • Continue investment and policy development that addresses the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Womxn Policy platform - including funding and resources for response to MMIW cases in sovereign and urban tribal communities. 

  • Improve funding for 911 call center systems - with particular focus on urban and unincorporated regions. In addition to equipment updates, expand training for anti-bias training for intact and referrals.

  • End the practice of private jail and detention centers in our state, with initial focus on ending state investment for the private NW Detention Center

Campaign Finance Reform

Washington State has one of the most transparent and accessible campaign finance systems in the country. Yet, there are still many ways we can improve our infrastructure and systems if we want to make sure everyday people, not just big moneyed interests, are the ones leading our democracy. I will work to make sure that engaging with the electoral process is one that is accessible, honest, and inviting to everyone by: 

  • Expanding funding for the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC), with priority for support of new candidates / campaigns.

  • Giving our election watchers the staffing and resources they need to review and safe-guard complaints

  • Supporting public campaign financing options, such as an expansion of the democracy voucher program for use throughout the state. 

  • Strengthening protections from dark dollars and their influence on our democracy; with reforms for independent expenditure and super-PAC spending rules

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