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When you show up for community,

they show up for you.

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It's great to research all the candidates running for office! 


In this race for 37th LD State Representative, there are several important contrasts between Kirsten and the other candidate running for this position. 

  • Kirsten is the only candidate in this race not accepting corporate donations. Kirsten has never accepted corporate cash while the other candidate has accepted contributions from pharmaceutical companies, beverage companies, and for-profit health insurers. Kirsten firmly believes she is accountable to the people of the 37th, not large corporations. That's why she's sworn off police union money, corporate dollars, and fossil fuel contributions from go.

  • Kirsten is the only candidate who stands against the expansion of semi-private charter schools. Kirsten is a public school parent and PTA leader at Hawthorne Elementary and believes strongly in protecting and fully funding our public education system - not privatizing it. Public school teachers and staff from Seattle Public Schools to the Washington Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers stand with Kirsten because she's on the side of public education. 

  • Kirsten is the only endorsed Democrat in the race, with sole endorsements from our local 37th LD Democrats and the King County Democrats and Democratic Party leaders like Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, 37th LD State Senator Rebecca Saldaña and more. 

  • Kirsten has legislated and brought home big wins for our City and District. In 2017, community organizers and activists came together to help nominate Kirsten to fill an interim vacancy on Seattle City Council. Kirsten served 51 days on Council and won hundreds of thousands of dollars for housing services for our houseless neighbors and help blocked the proposed "police bunker" to be built in North Seattle. Kirsten legislated our District's values of policing justice and caring for our neighbors, and will do the same in Olympia. 

  • Kirsten is the only person running supported by community organizers and movement leaders Nikkita Oliver, Ijeoma Oluo, and 100's more of our neighbors. Nikkita said the reason they support Kirsten is because, "She's come up from the grassroots of our community, and what she'll take to Olympia is the power of that voice."