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Meet the #TeamKHT Youth Team

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The Youth Team is a first-in-the-state youth run program housed under our campaign for 37th LD State Representative. In July, our field organizer Andrew Hong came to the campaign team with a proposal to build this program. Andrew is a son of the district and lived in the 37th his whole life. He said he thought he could get maybe 15 folks to join the Youth Team. We ended up with 55. 


Youth Team members come from diverse backgrounds, the majority of whom live in the District or have roots here. Youth Team members are ages 12-22 and have created the program entirely themselves. The team is divided into sub-teams ranging from Direct Action (like tabling & lit-dropping) to Communications and Policy Development. 

Two unique things to come from our Youth Team are the Youth Team Fellowship Program and the Youth Platform

The Youth Team Fellowship is a program created by the youth in which 10 of their members were internally selected to serve as Fellows and earn a $500 stipend from our campaign. This program is first of its kind, as we know of no other campaign in Washington State to pay Youth Fellows or interns under the age of 18 for their labor. The Fellows then chose which area of the campaign to work on so they could build their skills in their preferred area. We currently have 10 Fellows serving in fundraising, field, communications, and community organizing. 

The second thing to come from our Youth Team is their comprehensive Youth Demands Platform. It is an inclusive platform built by youth for youth, and consists of policies they plan to hold Kirsten accountable to if she serves in Olympia. 

To get involved the Youth Team and including their post-election organizing please contact: 

Riya Sharma @r.iyasharma on IG,

Jackie Jimenez Romero @jackielite on IG,

Youth Demands Platform

EDUCATION #FullyFundedEducation 

  • We demand an expansion of ethnic studies, LGBTQ+ history, womxn’s history, disability rights, and anti-racist school curriculum. 

  • We demand a comprehensive sex education, including non-heteronormative and non abstinence-only education. 

  • We demand increased & improved quality all-gender bathrooms in schools. 

  • We demand a redistribution of school funding to better prioritize low-income and BIPOC communities. 

  • We demand a removal of discriminatory disciplinary action policies such as truancy, zero tolerance policies, and police interface with disciplinary action.

CLIMATE #ProtectOurFuture

  • We demand that the climate crisis is addressed in schools through a comprehensive and intersectional climate curriculum. 

  • We demand an implementation of ‘green’ school buildings, linked to Growth Management Act (GMA)

  • We demand that youth are engaged in a Green New Deal for Washington State. 

  • We demand that youth in frontline communities are prioritized in climate harm reduction legislation.


  • We demand an end to the school-to-prison pipeline. 

  • We demand defunding the police and prison industrial complex and instead directing funds towards education and alternative support resources centered around BIPOC communities. 

  • We demand redirecting SRO funding to teachers, nurses, counselors, and social workers at schools. 



  • We demand youth representation in local governments, starting with the creation of a  State level Youth Commission. 

  • We demand that all children have the right to an attorney.

  • We demand that the excessive requirements to participate in youth programs at the State Legislature are removed, as well as more opportunities for youth involvement  added. 

HOUSING #ShelterYouth

  • We demand additional mental health resources for youth who don’t have access to shelter. 

  • We demand that all youth have access to sanitary living conditions, including but not limited to: adequate living space, menstrual & health related products, and access to safe facilities.

  • We demand that unused land and vacant buildings go to BIPOC communities for functions such as affordable housing, community centers, and parks.